High School Girls Rugby

THE Amazons

Safe Tackling
Strength and Conditioning
Play the same game as boys!
Life lessons and friendships
Prepare to play rugby in college and beyond

Many girls have talked about how rugby has influenced their lives and taught them resilience and strength. While it is a contact sport, a lot of time is spent on technique and safety for the players.

We are trying to get a team started and we need you!

We are looking for girls from 8th-12th grade. No previous experience is required. Soccer, lacrosse, and basketball players can benefit being a multi-sport athlete! Or if you have never had a team sport experience, it is not a problem.

Team Calendar

Practice Schedule

Fall 2021
Tuesday and Thursday


Register to Play Rugby

Almost all of our games are played on Saturdays.
We typically have an even split of home games and away games.
The team does travel to Middle TN, Georgia, and North Carolina for games.
We are trying to get this team started so reach out if you are interested!


Peggy Claiborne
Amanda Riviera

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